Saturday, January 26, 2008

weight of the world

Today I did something interesting

I cut off my hair

and you know what

I like it

If you are having visions of a shorn me, don't

Its still past my shoulders

but not much

and I feel much lighter

and redder

and curlier


must be a Samson thing

in reverse



Kathleen said...

Yes! It is very liberating!

Jen said...


cant wait to see it.

hugs to you

Kristy-Lee said...


Nice one!

Hippy Witch said...

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Im screaming, your beautiful hair, I think Im going to cry.

Anchell said...

Diana, it will grow back....should I want it too

Jewell said...

good on ya..feels good don't it :-)

crystal_faery said...

hey anchell must have been a pisces thing i got piddle ofrf with mine on saturday and cut mine off as well on saturday about lunch time ...maureen