Sunday, January 27, 2008

sunday again...for a minute

I am stuffed

Today I have been taken out for yummy breakfast by BOSS and husband and allowed to vent. I love MaryBOSS and Mr BOSS...they are cool dudes for sure and much appreciated

I have also finished 7 (soon to be 10) questions of the 20 I must submit to obtain my registrationto work in Real Estate....what a load of bosh I must write and read and pretend to thoroughly comprehend

I have been on the phone to terrified parent who is insisting on not going to hospital whilst preparing to go anyway, albeit drugged up on Valium dealt by me

I have a darlin back at home now who is fixing things like the kitchen tap that doesnt want to stay done up, maybe he will take pity on an old bag and rub her back even tho its his turn??

I must remember to pay the Captain who is a fixer of washing machines that go on strike which is another thing that happened this week, PLUS the computer got a virus that son had to remove as well...grrrrrrrrrrrr

I have a new 'do'.......MaryBOSS says its schmick and I choose to believe her. Darlin says it makes me look he inferring that I am old???

I have also taken son to computer fair and been to Coles but thats not exciting at all

All this while bleeding to death for the 10th day in a row, the second time since New Years. I think its pretty sure and certain I have a/some fybroid thingys going on in my uterus that may well need to be sorted at some point in my spare time this year. Great! I went for an ultra sound on Friday and will know more when I get back to the doc for results.

Pelvic Ultrasounds are a touch yukko are they not, the bloody probe should at least vibrate or something....

Mum goes in for surgery on Wed so its all go this week. In a way I cant bloody least we will know what we are dealing with here then.


this has been a full on week for sure.

Looks like my application to move over to Tanilba has been approved...pending pending depending etc etc etbloodyc

I have found a house I WANT so the universe will see to it I'm sure...something has to go my way after all don't you think? Its not available till March so that gives me time to get sorted yes?

Ummmm, dunno what else.....I'm a bit tired.....and anemic (howspell?) I think too. That explains so much of how Ive been feeling for the last few months, regarding tiredness and anxiety and shortness of breath and all of that crap. Hmmmmmm......


Enough drivel

I will keep you posted for sure

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH x 23764826484937365284948


Hippy Witch said...

don't forget, Im here if you need me

Cyndy said...

My Gawd!!!

You've been a busy girl.

No wonder you've cut your hair.... you can move faster without that weight.......

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you too : )


LUCKY said...

Love u too artyfarty.

Jewell said...

thinking of you and yours xx

Lisa said...

lots going on in the life of chell- the universes master plan is to keep you too tired and busy to think. good news about tanilba which is kind of like tequilia but not ......
me x