Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Am here
Am safe
Am well

Am tired
Am a little detatched from life
Am okay though

Am having computer problems
Am needing a new one
Am operating on basic basic system here

Am grateful for New Year because old one was tough
Am sure it will get tougher
Am okay with that

Am also grateful for darlins and ex hubs and nice daughters and even pissy old auntys
Am alive and breathing

Am going to bed now too

Happy New Year all

I am

I am

I am


Mary Me said...

you forgot that
* i am a fighter
* i am surrounded by people who love me and want to help
* i am a gorgeous bunny with big hair
* i can handle anything and more
* i am someone Mary loves a lot

Jewell said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, love to you and your mum

Sending healing daily....x

Kathleen said...

Yes, I am quietly supportive and sending loving thoughts to you and yours.


Rylah xXx =^..^= xXx said...

I am grateful for YOU, Chell. And the beautiful painting you did me last year when I was doing it tough - it hangs next to my bed and I'm getting it framed soon.... makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And just you, coz, you are you.


Rylah xXx =^..^= xXx said...


LUCKY said...

I have something for you!
Next time you are at the bowl...drop by.
Only 18 days to go....yay!!!!!!!!!

I cannot stand it another minute..have been abused by stupid people on a regular basis ( what's new ) but my coping abilities are gone..thses last few days are so uncomfortable...thanks for all your help this season..
sending you love and hugs...