Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mum is home again

Surgery on the 30th of this month

They are unsure whether it is ovarian or bowel or both

All i know for sure at this point is that the staff at JHH are wonderful, chemo will be terrible and its going to be a long hard year

But I am strong

strong enough for two if needs be

I just wish I knew more about real estate

...oh yes, and did I being mention tired.....





Hippy Witch said...

I used to be a property manager if that is of any help to you

LUCKY said...

Hippy witch you are just amazing!!!! I am thinking of you poor baby Anchell...this is its worse than hell. Good thing is that there is now a date for the op.Keep us posted.

Jewell said...

thinking of you and your mum Shell