Monday, February 11, 2008

latest in short

  • no haemoglobin after bloody vomiting
  • blood transfusion
  • cat scans and ultra sounds
  • cant breathe due to no haemoglobin
  • temperature
  • swollen belly
  • complaining phone call made by me re nurse who tells me all is well when it is NOT


  • No clots in lungs, clear
  • gas not blood in swollen belly
  • breathing easier but not yet good
  • still no reason for bloody vomit
  • dunno about nurse yet

Me, have been majorly stressed today as I was stuck in fucking office while all this went on

and doing 21st birthday celebs for little bro on top

today was hell



Myst_72 said...

I know it's annoying when people say this, but I don't know how you're coping with all of this!

And I say it out of total awe for you at the moment....

Sending you all of the strength I can muster, wish I was closer so I could help in some way


Lisa said...

please tell me what i can do to help- this is all too much for you.........

Anchell said...

I have help...its just that she needed me and I couldnt be there.
Aunty was at hospital with her and Tahni cooked and made cake etc for Daniel. I am very tired and didnt cope wonderfully today...but tomorrow is another one

Kristy-Lee said...

Good girl. Sounds like you are doing well.

I dont know the situation, but sometimes nurses do say, "she is ok" if they dont want to upset or stress you.

They shouldnt, but they do.

I hope your mum has a better day today, and you too!

Renata said...

Yep the gas in the belly causes an enormous amount of pain. It had the man screaming and yelling obscenities in a very posh private hospital until the nurses bought him drugs to shut him up ( he was scaring the other patients)..the first days are the WILL get better and easier, your mum has had MAJOR surgery and some bits of her are now missing......isnt it frustration when you have to work and in your heart you need to be at your mums side.......good thing that you have some help..thinking of you.The updates might be annoying for you, but it helps us so much to know where you are at, we can all collectively either hold our breath or let out a sigh!

Cyndy said...

Sharing the poo with you.. gladly. <3

It's shit that everything else has to go on when all you want to focus on is your your mum.

It's a good thing that your mum can rely on you to back her up; but it's hell. I know.

And it's a good thing that you have done such a good job with your own brood. It makes it easier that they can be self-sufficient when they need to be.

There I go.... blogmuggling again.

Love to you all. xoxoxox

Lisa said...

sending love my love x

Jen said...

hopefully each day will be better then the last.....

hugs to you all

tahni is an angel


Kathleen said...

Yes today is another day, I bless you with strength and courage to take each step as it comes up.


Rider-Waite said...

You are doing the best that you can Michelle. This is a hard situation, but it will get better. It just feels like it is never going to. Sending lots of love to you. xxxxx

Mwwwahhh, thats a blog snog for you too. But don't tell Adam, he might think I get around....

Hippy Witch said...

You truly are special, you know.

I comprehend how hard life can be when you need to be so much to so many, at the complete exclusion of yourself. I need to tell you though, that it all comes back, beautiful lady. Im crying for you right now, my glasses are fogging and the sniffles are starting. I see your strength and feel your exhaustion. It can only make you a better person, so when the hard part is over, make a promise to yourself, that YOU WILL take some time away with yourself and your darling, and reflect on what you have done and the person it has brought forward to carry on in this world. Goddess & God know that this planet needs the likes of your dear self.

Lisa said...

how is today ?
miss you me xx