Sunday, February 10, 2008



How has my weekend been?

oh lovely

I have spent it at the hospital

every waking minute


a) mums epidural painkiller made her blood pressure drop so low they had to stop it...therefore she spent yesterday in agony while they took 12 hours to get the farking dosage right on the other stuff...........I left her at 8.30 last night while she was seeing shiny ants and little men with whiskers under their chins...excellent thunk I, now she will sleep........


b) I was woken at 7 this morning by a call from the hospital saying she was wanting me there because......

she had spent half the night vomiting blood into many bowels that were'nt being held by anyone and barely by herself as having ones guts ripped out is not conducive to bending whilst laying on ones back and was VERY distressed by this......apparently the night nurse came in several times to fix her beeping farkin machine but not to help her hold the fucking bowl or wipe her face or wash the blood off........she had to demand a doctor be sent for as the ONE ON DUTY at the hospital was delivering a baby and when the nurse knew the other one they called in was coming she ran around and washed and changed her.....

I am a bit livid


I did not kill anyone

but I will the next time some fucking know it all comes on duty and tells me everything was fine last night...........................and wonders why I am still there.........obviously I am just an idiot!

On a brighter note

I will pist a pic of my arse

just as soon as I can find it



Lisa said...

oh honey..........

Cyndy said...

Your ass is behind you Arty... you're just too busy going forwards to see it...... It will still be there, trust me.
And it will be the best of all, because you are so busy running....

Post-op sucks! And vomiting while your insides are not right, and newly stitched together is excruciating.. and scary.

Your poor mum.

Love to you all. xoxoxo

LUCKY said...

Oh Lordy, that cannot be good for your least you got a few hours sleep and can go in all tends to fall apart when no one is there keeping a watchful eye, but you cant be there 24/7. Can anyone else help? Hopefully every hour will will the situation better and not worse.

Rider-Waite said...

I would be complaining Long and Loud about that Michelle. That is fucking terrible. A disgrace really. Hope things are improving for her though. Thinking of you, xxx

Hippy Witch said...

How can they behave like that, they are nurses, they are supposed to care.
Your poor mum

Jewell said...

Oh love i hope your mum is better....i know what it's like to vomit whilst insides are stiched up...very bad indeed.

Love to you and your mum xx

Kristy-Lee said...

Stupid Friggen.

I will be there tomorrow afternoon.

Where are you? Coffee?