Thursday, February 28, 2008

naughty corner

I feel like such a whinger!

Its not that its all bad really

Its just that its so full on right now

by the time I get to the computer at night I am just buggered

and whinges just dribble out of my fingers!

It will be better when I am moved and have some breathing time

wont it?

I am clinging to that that thought, misconception though it may be.....

I will have at least an hour and a half more in my day then because I wont be driving in it

Mum is feeling much better, except for a pain all down her leg which may be caused by a pinched nerve or something in her back....if we can stop that she'll be feeling pretty good. Shes starting to get grotty because shes been in pain for what seems like so long now....has it only been 3 weeks?

Its month end tomorrow at the office and something is gone wrong in the computer at the office and we may have to go back to last frikken tuesday and redo every farkin thing we've done since then! I am going to kill Lyn if thats the case, she who is supposed to be backing up every couple of days hasn't been and she is in for it.....grrrrrr

See, whinging again....

my house is semi packed up and much rubbish has been thrown out....light fittings and ceiling fans are mysteriously being cleaned by the house elf and I have been bought a beautiful new table and chairs by the parent for my birthday!

I miss the cottage and having fun!

My big girl is up now staying with mum to be slave for a couple of weeks so we have her captive for a little while, this is good too

Aunty from hell has flown back to QLD, thank fark, though I did appreciate her several times, she is very hard work.....

My sister should be coming soon, for a week or so, I am trying to think that will be heplful and be grateful instead of wishing she would come for 6 months instead! She is having a hard time with anxiety and needs some help fast. I think I have talked her into going on an antidepressant to help her get to a place where she can sort her head out.

I have to wake the kids up in 10 minutes so I must go make coffee and lunches....did you know they will have to catch their school bus at 7.05 from Backpassage! Goodbye to my time in the mornings hey.........aarrgghhh

I will be grateful there IS a school bus yes?


Anonymous said...

one of the baby's friends has to travel from teaa gardens every day and also catches the bus at some ungodly hour.....heaven help you waking up late. Lucky ditzy chick

Lisa said...

you are a delightful whinge scrubber who takes the light off me and my pathetic manic raving........the cottage misses you too and i hate to ask but will you guys be right for next wed night drumming circle ???????????

Misunderstood said...

Winge all you want Anchelle.. I'm listening. I know how that feels. Ad xo.

Kathleen said...

~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~ ~0~

Sending lots of angelic help your way ... in whatever form they take ; )


Cyndy said...

The matriarch mantle is a burden isn't it.

But one that you can handle. You are amazing.

Didn't know you had it in you, did you????? Your mum did.....

Love to you xoxox