Saturday, February 23, 2008

while Im away...


Mary me is neglecting her baby

kristy is all full of poo

Toni is spitting chips

and i have'nt got to anyone else yet

I have a cold sore on my bloody cheek!

and am bleeding again, only 2 and a half weeks break WITH drugs

oh dear

Nice to know that life goes on

I think I have a weekend off

but dont tell anyone will you

must pack things and scrub walls

and do some errands that will not do themselves

and scrabble of course

even tho Im a loser


but hey

the sun is out!

Must go buy some garbage bags

and a mop to scrub walls with

and chocolate

and a bucket or two


oh yes, and somehow I seem to have lost about 6 kilos and my pants are very long and a bit baggy....

wont whinge about that



Renata said...

Now you are a real "slackarse" so to speak...

Bee said...

heres thinking of you kid.xxxxx

Cyndy said...

Fancy that..... pants that grew too long!

Not at all surprised that you are disappearing.

The ssoner you can back to un-negleglecting you, the better.