Saturday, February 16, 2008

my life today

  • cat scans
  • doctors and nurses
  • parking
  • driving
  • insanity
  • compassion
  • looking at the poor little woman in pain on the bed and not being able to do anything
  • bladder infections
  • blood clots
  • swollen legs
  • pain
  • pain
  • pain

This cancer is stage 3. It has compromised her lymph nodes and could well be on its way to her liver.

But its not yet......chemo in 5 to 6 weeks

Moving her down to the Gastro ward....

I got a house to move into

Its not what I wanted but hey, its a house, in fact the ONLY four bedroom house available on the I will be grateful...I hope

I have to move house in 3 weeks....where am I going to find the goddam time??

I am going to try to get to coffee tomorrow...will blog it tonight for those who care to come

Miss you guys



Arek said...

i am sure we will be able to help you move some stuff

Lisa said...

so is stage 3 good or bad? how many stages are there and where do they start?
im crying for you shell
life is too busy to be real
can you even feel you anymore?
loving you is all i can do at this stage.........

Kathleen said...

Yes to missing you too, yes to coffee,