Monday, February 04, 2008


I have just had 2 days 'rest'


have ran around shopping and organising little brothers birthday present and finished course questions which I am now in the process of typing up like a mad demented thing

RSI is what I would have were I a secretarial type person for sure!

Have appointment with quack today to see why Im bleeding to death constantly

and 4000 phone calls to make

at least these people will be sober

Im soooo over talking to pissed relo's

In fact, I shall be going on strike soon and informing all and sundry that if one wants me to chat then one must be free from the feral grape!



back to the grind



Cyndy said...

Are they all drowning your mother's sorrows????

Actually, I imagine that this is what my family was like last generation...

Glad that you're not a secretary-type person; I quite like you the way you are... short red hair and all.. ;0)

LUCKY said...

Oh dear......your family needs to get a grip.

Lisa said...

the feral grape?
sounds as good as the fibroid fanny ?
you have a funny fanny ankle....snoff slufp x

Jewell said...

how's your mum Shell? did the surgery go ok?