Wednesday, February 20, 2008

slackarse ....yes

Oh gawd

I have not stopped for days

Wednesdays are now a logistical nightmare with darlin at tafe, ex taking shell to netball and me picking josh up from german class. Where do I get to go to the cottage in that? Pah!

Still, wont be forever

Mum went home today

she is a skinny little wrinkly for sure

The latest is that her tumour is a particularily aggressive type of fucker and will 90% likely return in 3 to 5 years. They are discussing chemo on friday, wether or not they think it will help her. Thats scary, if they don't do it nothing will help her will it.

It just gets worse. i hate it when my premonitions turn out to be true.......

Anyway she's home and I don't want to think about it anymore for now. Time will tell

...........and I don't have time to think anyway

If anyone has some moving boxes hanging around I would surely appreciate them.

And am looking to buy a 6 seat dining setting and a comfy nice lounge.....

I am a property manager extraordinaire!

Someone should give me a farking medal

and then wheel me over to the nuthouse

and stuff me full of drugs so I can sleep for a couple of weeks can dream




Lisa said...

sending love and hope and faith that somewhere in amongst all this something wills tart to make some sense.
i miss you and your ass
me x

Myst_72 said...

I dreamt about you looking for a lounge to was blue and green...



LUCKY said...

Love you me dear!
I cant believe that she has gone home so soon!

Lisa said...

loving you shell- how is mum today xx

Jen said...

Love to you all.

Will keep an eye out for boxes.



The Tall Red Head said...

you are having a shit time of really is unfair isn't it. and the shit thing is that you aren't alone with it, cancer is affecting thousands of people, teenagers, young mums, young dads, grandparents...fucking shitful disease that causes so much pain for the people it touches. Just so not fair. hope things are going along better for you all xxxx Toni

Cyndy said...

Once again, I thought that I had left you a comment, and it appears that I haven't.......

I think thaty it was something along the lines of..
"If you could stay still long enough, then you would most likely... sleep.."

Rivetting stuff, I know....

Love to you all 'Chell xoxox

Jewell said...

love to you

Kristy-Lee said...

Did you notice that Lisa wrote

"Wills tart".

Did that make you laugh?

Anchell said...


Lisa said...

me too.wills tart. a blog heading in that one for sure.....