Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well, we seem to have turned the corner...fingers crossed

While she still is short of breathe and swollen we have has movement in the bowel (sorry but its IMPORTANT) and she is no longer blue.

She has been up walking a little and sitting in the chair and aside form 50 bloodstained nighties to launder, all seems to be well

I was also accosted on my way in by a nurse just dying to tell me whats been going on!! AND had a big sleep today so I am human again

Thank goddesses and gods and all other such things

They have done tests which will be back tommorrow to see if she has an infection in the wound or bladder as her temp is still up and she has a lot of flem to move off her chest but so far so good

Poor little washed out dishrag

and thats just me!

Am feeling hugely relieved today for sure


Thank you everyone for your thoughts, they have made life bearable!

Love to you little faerie especially



Lisa said...

this is the blog post we have been praying for- mum will pick up now for sure- are you ok? eating and drinking lots of water?
tahni is an angel, like her mum
love you me xxxx

Cyndy said...

Most Excellent, 'Chell, most excellent!


Jen said...

very very good news

hugs to all

LUCKY said...

Sending my love..

Kathleen said...

Thankyou Anchell xOx

I am glad the clouds are parting a little in your family's world.

Lisa said...

oh baby, we MUST get together for caffiene
I am free thursday evening, friday evening sat morning or sunday
i cant even remember what you look like