Tuesday, April 01, 2008

to the point

Well, yes to all comments received

I am thinking (and knowing my own truth) and for me, right this now, life is ALL about facing up, fronting up and just doing whats in front of me with no expectations and utter lack of control.

easy peasy.......


However, I have had practice at this, recovery from addiction is much the same and I have done that and survived

I will survive this and learn lessons and come out the other end with sanity and sense of humour intact

I know this

I will also grow up a lot

damn it

Much as I would like to set my little human head to solving all it will not work. Acceptance is the key here..

as with everything.

Really, it just is...

I can only change me, and right now, I dont need to... I am just how I need to be.

So, onwards and upwards my friends!



Hippy Witch said...

You have inner strength that your past has taught you, it's a good reminder that the path we weave teaches us what we need, even if we don't see it at the time.
Yes, onwards and upwards my friend.

Cyndy said...

Ohhh, ye-es.

I'm the great pre-ee-te-en-der....

Anonymous said...

Nothing really needs to be said here you have the strength ,your past is testerment to that, my darling. You need to know that there are people who love you no matter what, and we will always be here. my darling. Goddess be with you ,,,and many blessings ....

Cyndy said...

Every day that we wake up makes us winners, 'Chell. But do I get another lovely Lindt Choccie for my last post?

I am thinking of you all today. Some choices are so hard to make. And for choices such as these you can only act on the advice that you are given. And sometimes they end up being made for us in one way or another.

Love to you and yours. xoxo