Thursday, April 03, 2008


Im bored

Orifice work is just that somedays

boring boring boring

and I have made a stupid mistake that I wish I could hide

grrrrrr frik frik frik

Chemo is not happening right now

they will wait till the cancer starts to 'act up' and then bomb it...seeings as its not going to cure anything and she is still recovering from surgery etc

frik to that too

its so farkin quiet here I can here the water lapping and a bird in the bush

too weird

if I hadnt made that frikken mistake I might even enjoy that

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr x 364729100288


banging head on desk now

thump thump thump

ps; some tenants need shooting at birth, really they do!


Jen said...

to err is human.....


Anonymous said...

Oh dear........I feel your pain

Cyndy said...

I know about the "let's wait until it acts up" approach. Currently, we're waiting for a supposedly infected area on Mum's small intestine to "mature" before they do anything about it...... grrrr. If she lets them...

Hippy Witch said...

I say yes to shooting some tenants.
are we there yet.