Tuesday, April 29, 2008

some days...

...you just want to cry

so you go to bed late and eat chocolate


which is planet near Phart

which is near Uranus


a wykd witch told me!


Jen said...

You ok 'chelle???

whyfor you sad

Nat had Haylie Ada Rose, born safely last night at 11.14pm. 7lb 6.

hugs to you

Cyndy said...

Wykd indeed.

If I had chocolate, I'd eat it in bed, too.

Or maybe I'd rather kick and punch something.

Yeah. That's it.

Instead I'll go to bed, since it's almost 1am......

G'nite, 'Chell. Hope you feel better.


Bee said...

whats up diddums,,,

Lisa said...

whats going on- do tell chell and i love the poop phart uranus thing

Kathy said...

Thinking of you : )