Friday, April 18, 2008


I have a day off

next wednesday

and I am going to the hairdressers and to the doctors and then I am going to go to the eurobar and hope someone who reads this comes and joins me for coffee and cake!!


so whilst I was pondering this strange anomoly it occured to me that Friday is ANZAC DAY!!



Plus Sunday

I am soooo excited..

Pathetic is it not


I had to go into town today to yell at people who make my life harder (ie Centrelink and Births Deaths and Marriages) and ended up having ALL OF TODAY OFF TOO

That one doesnt count though because I had to go to DJs and shop for face cream for the small scrawny parental and furry boots for my girls and some working girl clothes for moi!

and I found a bargain one of those red buddha things that weighs half a ton, you know what I mean.....for only $20 in the Animal Welfare shoppie place so I quickly snatched it up for all the good luck etc and just because I have wanted one for ages...

and then when I got him home and unwrapped him he is crawling all ooover with children on him and that probably means he is a fertility buddha or some such bloody thing and like really need one of those with a house full of children already, especially since the majority of them are girls well within breeding age.....oh deary me...and then Shellibelly rubbed his tummy!!

I have decided that he is really a good luck buddha guy who just likes kids a lot and as there are 5 of them thats one for each of mine and one for Daniel the littlebro.....phew....

I would just love another child like a hole in the bloody head oh my gosh

I am investigating Apricot Kernels as they are amazing things that are natures chemo


Anonymous said...

busy hooker arent there for coffee..just let us know what time. I will not be able to fit cake in though as my arse does not fit anymore pants!Lucky

Hippy Witch said...

HAHAHAH, love the buddha, keep your legs crossed chell, if coffee is after 11.30am I will be able to come.

Cyndy said...

LMAO..... He is a very charming fellow, isn't he? I always rub a Budda's tummy, wherever I see Him, which must be a good thing; imagine how bad my luck would have been if I hadn't been doing all that rubbing over the years....... There's always been a collection of Buddas at Mum's place; she's always been a bit fond of him, and chinese temple dogs, too... as well as lots of other stuff....

I wish I could make coffee.... *sigh*....

Enjoy your days off, 'Chell ;0)

Jen said...

ha ha ...... um.... shit .... yes, abundance in all things is good!!

will be there too!!
must go and rope in a babysitter!!