Thursday, April 17, 2008


well, Im here


Been a long week and I am still adjusting to the work all frikken 6 and three quarter days a week rythm. Or not adjusting, whatever being chronically exhausted depicts in this situation.

My sister is coming for a week on Monday and if I dont get a day off in that Im going to chuck one big time I tell you!!!

I am feeling a bit like Im the only one doing anything here. And I spose thats because I am....better get over that, i put my hand up and Im glad I did. Frikken place would be falling to shreds otherwise. No, not bignoting of self, just truth. I am useful for sure, wgich is nice and I am pleased but if only I wasnt so tired that I want to be in bed every night at 7.....oh well, I will adjust, Yes?

I miss being a free agent!

But I am a good staff for certain.

And so is my life...for now

I had a heartrending call from my mum the other night

She wanted to ask me if it was all really real or was she dreaming and having a nightmare

and she was serious

It was horrible to have to tell her she really was awake

Poor little bugger

Poor little me

Its all just so sad

Going now, nothing much to say really

Kristy is getting married in a second though and thats exciting isnt it!


The Tall Red Head said...

Oh, what a hard place to be in. How hard for both of you. I had a friends partners brother pass away after a very long battle with cancer last week. It was a terrible time, but at the same time a relief. He did the same thing, he would ring his brother's or his Mum in the middle of the night and say he had had a terrible dream that was so real he felt physically ill from it. Then they had the hard task of telling him it wasn't a dream. There are going to be tough times ahead, but enjoy the time you have, Thinking of you lots....

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and wishing that you could just be my staff instead of a hooker staff....I have lost my staff forever, what will I do now???Lucky

Myst_72 said...

That would have been hard,
and scary for Mum too...

You are doing an excellent job trying to balance everything...