Monday, April 07, 2008

position vacant

Lunch with Marys at my house is fun

and hurts your stomach a lot

and I think it should happen again soon


I am insisting on one thing next time

They must BYO slave.....Jen especially needs one with a large chux

Im too old for this running around crap

and the CSV is on strike due to chocolate and sex talk overload

(every 12 and a half minutes was a tad excessive)

must advertise for help...pronto


know any good slaves???

must be able to do sticky date at short notice and appear out of thin air and be willing to live in a cupboard

and someone who shall remain nameless has disappeared with my teaspoon down their ample cleavage.......grrrrr

note to NOT buy goddess shaped teaspoons ever again when you know there will be witches in the house!



Myst_72 said...

Sounds alright compared to my current job..................................
...when do you want me to start?? - haw haw!


p.s. My CV's in the mail!!

Hippy Witch said...

I will wait on you next time, I don't know that I can beat that sticky date , it was pretty special. Your poor child, I bet she never wants to see us again.

Bee said...

dont give up you slave job it was lovely being wated on for a change,thanks xxx

Jen said...

pft - large chux - who was the one who tried to shut a door on my head while i was sipping my most excellent coffe that was made with a goddess shaped spoon???

Poor CSV - is she ok??

Anchell said...

CSV has a sore stomach from laughing .....

Anonymous said...

It was a most excellent adventure..the flight was cheap and back passage is really not that far away after all.
Next time we will bring a slave with us and talk about sex will happen every 15 minutes...ok?

Kathleen said...

Oh, just wait till I'm out of the room to talk about sex and chocolate!!!

Lisa said...

I have worried about the CSV since Sunday- is she alright.
I personally think you handled the day with the right amount of servitude and you certainly looked great in your boots made from pussy.

Sticky date was a CSV miracle and she should be applauded.
Jen is a mess, chux and all.
I am happy and you should be too- i left you a jar of the most exquisite coffee.

as for the Goddess spoon- she is being mounted as we speak and will live on the Cottage wall until you steal her back !

tee hee.........ommpa loompa land with sniffer dogs, bananas, and sweaty thongs.

The Tall Red Head said...

I wanted to be there!!!!

Next time....I plan on coming down again and having a visit....