Friday, April 11, 2008



ex husband who was to be relied upon to ferry children around town whilst i am here in backpassage has just been arrested for DUI..this is bad yes?

worse still he was picked up doing it with said children in the car!!


so children had to walk home, which they could and should have been made to do anyway, after experiencing not so fun arresting of idiot ex, freaking out and blaming themselves...grrrr

and more?


...said ex husband who has been 'seeing' (ie having sex with and being VERY sickening) very old family (of his) friend sister type person is now pregnant with/to her and thinking about little blonde boys called BANNING ffsake!


well, Im sure it can but Im not dwelling on it

going with the flow

going with the flow

being grateful I am in backpassage and nowhere near New Lambton right now so I am not arrested for damaging a person irrepairably

( aside...I told him if he calls his child Bunnings he will be very sorry and anyway its a girl and will be called Poppy, which is cute and not Bunnings which is just ridiculous and anyway doesn't he know what condoms are for..they're the things you wear so as not to get pregnant whilst in the first 5 minutes of going out with old familysistertype people who have two yr old daughters already and are lonely just like ex;s are lonely and now look whats happened...fark...but I forgot he is in luurve..oh spew )

back to gratitude that he had nothing to do with naming my kids...BANNING?

...back to dead exes who are drinking 3 beers in an hour and then picking my kids up because they missed the bloody freaking bus. Whom may I ask will now be picking them up from work at 10pm and for netball and soccer and social contact that is frikken VITAL for teenage girls and what about the fact that I am 50 farkin k's away and cant like driving at night and his promised sincerely on his mothers grave part in this whole horrible bloody mess was to do this ferrying?

Is this selfish of me???



No, must be hysterical then right!

Well, he better get lots of bloody overtime if I let him live because TAXIS ARE EXPENSIVE.

Bloody... went and ordered to die for garlic prawn pizza and sat on marina overlooking beautiful calm water with boats and pelicans in it that only smelled a bit like oysters because the tide was out and drinking coffee and got grateful for a minute for that at least

ate to die for pizza

and mud cake and ice cream

now I want to vomit


and I will go to bed soon, alone again, which is probably a good thing as I snore like a train when I am exhausted and eat too much

then again

a cuddle would have been nice

damn that too

and I AM whinging

because, here at least, I CAN.



Cyndy said...

Now, that's what I call a pist!

glad it's you, and not me, lovely.....

The Tall Red Head said...

Well. All I can say is....WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT HE IS!!!!!

How frigging rude! What a cock to be drinking and driving in the first place, but with KIDS in the car!! Who does he think he is, Richie Sambora??? Jesus.

Stupid Man. Stupid non-condom wearing man. Altho, the silly lady needs a slap as well.

BANNINGS??? That is as bad as Talon. Who calls their kid after Rat Sak?

Toni needs to stop leaving ranty posts on Anchells Blog....

Jen said...

oh dear

i dont know what else to say

farking i#%ot.

glad you had a good sleep

did you get your spoon back yet??

Lisa said...

i dont know whether to laugh or cry- a very strong, emotionally charged pist ankle- so, R is going tob e a daddy !!!!!!!!!!!
how exciitng !

Anchell said...

Farking exciting inbloodydeed

as long as she lets him do waht he does for my kids I am happy for him

stupid man

Kathleen said...

stoopid stoopid man!

Kristy-Lee said...

Stoooooopid indeed.

Looks like your kids will need to become book nerds so that they dont want to go out of the house ever again...