Friday, October 10, 2008


Is too a word

So, been a large week

lots of things thunk through and acted on and posts stay put now

I am sort of looking forward to the weekend

sister and spouse and cousin of mine are coming tonight for the birthday bash tomorrow

and also a cousin of mums that she hasnt seen for years and years

so will be interesting

Cant see me having much of a day off but whatever

the sun is shining and the sky is blue

hope it stays that way for the next few days

puppyson is a bastard who got a smack this morning

before you call the rspca his pride was the only thing hurting here

spoilt little brat is going to learn some manners this week

too big for his boots that one

just because he is sssoooooo cute doesnt mean he can just hang off the end of whatever clothes I am wearing and drag himself around the house and then attack my foot because its wearing my boot

I see a handful coming up

oh dear what have I done

at least he is distracting and sleeps all bloody night


Lisa said...

puppyson's are ALLOWED to hang off clothes and eat boots- shit, which part of puppy- parenting did you miss.......?

dont smack the dog or i will smack you

bosh x

Lisa said...

puppyson's are so cute and poor Trev has bben exhausted ever since- I am thinking that maybe puppysun ( sounds chinese) may actually be asaint bernard and wolfhound crossed together- obviously his mum has had a bit on the side.....

btw- ENJOY your weekend- interact with JOY and dont forget that you love me the most xx