Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Gosh, things can be frustrating

However, in the light of a new day they can still be frustrating but maybe not quite so grrrr

If ANU is to blame for this then she is a bugger but in a good way

I seem to be spitting my chips all over the place .....truth hurts sometimes and life is too short to waste on new motto I'm afraid

Anyhoo, to go on with other drivel

Mother had her head cutting off op yesterday and all is well so far except staples in your temple arent particularily stylish.....

Puppy son is alternating between devil dog and butterwouldntetcdog and is laying here in the orifice beside me

Soon he will go to visit nanny because orifices are boring for chewy pups when they are awake

Mums birthday went well and she did get spoiled

I am accumilating a large pile of things I havent done here so I might be busy tomorrow but not today

Bit cool isnt it...silly inconsistant weather

I am liking Mr Rudd a lot today as he just solved a few issues for me indeed

I dont really have a lot to say except hello and Im bored


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Jewell said...

hello...and i'm bored it's very to find things to do with a 2 year old in a cast on a wet day hmm