Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, here I am again

In the bleeding orifice

with the stinkhead puppyson who woke me up 7 times last night whining...had his needles yesterday so that might be his excuse but still.....

I am perplexed as to whats going on in my life right now

Nothing is resolved

Nothing is decided

Nothing is changed

Well, not that I am aware of I think??

Or I may be left

or not

I may have left

or did I??


I just have no idea

A bit cryptic I know but thats how it is

Feeling a bit flat today but no sleep will do that to me

Mother has been feeling unwell the past couple of days

I hope its just reaction to anasthetic or something boring

I have a nasty feeling that she might start getting sick

And I am still here in this box and nothing has been resolved here either

I have to reapply for the Carers payment. Frikken centrelink think it is ok for me to be working 40 hours a week (for nothing) taking care of this business but because I dont have to actually hand feed my parent or wipe her bum I dont qualify for a lousy $50 a week allowance....oh least they havent made me look for my required 15 hours a week work yet...and doing her shopping and taking her to appointments and doing the heavy housework DONT COUNT EITHER....its bum wiping or nothing....


so frikken funny that

When does terminal illness become serious??

About 5 minutes before you kick it apparently

That little form needs to be revised for certain


I shall apply again because they want me to so they can keep me waiting for another 8 or 9 months


By the way, its not about the money, its the whole frikking point of it


Faerie said...

bloody hell mate!

love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Been there done that.
I understand.
The other issues will resolve in time. I suppose.
But then my opinion does not seem to count for much .... ( just rubbing salt into my own wounds - dont be bothered ).
I am sure that your feelings for each other are strong and I am hoping that this has been a glitch that will pass. Sending love and hugs to all of you.

Cyndy said...

there is no common sense when it comes to centrelink....