Friday, October 03, 2008

sooo hahaha

I am sooo professional you know

A bloody marvel of efficiency and all that

Am busy being this strange professional efficient person this morning and daughter brings puppyson down to the office for a visit

all well and good, cute puppy

In comes new tenant to sign lease and efficient professional me is doing the do as you do

when puppy decides it is time to do his do

on the carpet

in the middle of the office with new tenat looking on in mild disgust

and professional me restraining my efficient self from killing puppy and daughter whom I had previously (ie 10 seconds ago) told that poo machine was going to go in a minute


Thats 3 posts today Mary

sick of me yet??

oh yes

and I ate a lot okay

but no bum pics

no pun intended of course

oh yes, I have the next three days off!

woo hoo


Lisa said...

never !!
at least you are not bored !!
clever sad eyed pooch with a long sad face having poo poo in the office

Kristy said...

Soooooo professional.

You guys will win branch of the month for sure!

Poor pooch.

Jewell said...

oh no...oh well new tenant should have been so stuck-up....

Jen said...

ha ha ... ahem....

poor you

silly poopin pup

have a GREAT few days off


Anonymous said...

Poor puupy!
Poor Michelle...
very funny though!w.w.