Wednesday, October 22, 2008

big day out

What a day

After coffee with assorted witches, which was fun, and I got to meet Tania too, which was nice, I went to the quack and between us we told some half truths to centrelink which is good, then picked up Shellibaby for her counselling appt, which was short (Shelli is doing pretty well BTW and meds seem to be making a huge difference) we headed home to pick up puppyson for day one of puppy preschool, which was hilarious!

Thats enough of that sentence...

Chandii is officially the naughtiest puppy and got sin binned 5 times for not letting the humping little maniac called Boris get away with it.

Boris is a horror puppy of a cross between a bulldog and a shitzu commonly known now as a Bullshitz (i kid you not) and if was Chandii I would have bitten him fact I wanted to anyway as did the puppymother who had a strange foxy terrier with giraffe legs who would not say boo to a goose but who also ended up biting Boris the humping horror.....

anyhoo, it was exhausting and also mind numbingly boring at times as well....

I have rolled and taped up 3 newspapers and am currently beating the crap out of anything that makes a noise in a vain attempt to control my unruly far i have not beaten the crap out of him though because he is just too damn cute. I did throw one at the cat because she whinges too much....havent seen her since, hmmmm.

Its farkin freezing and I have turned on the heater too.

Tomorrow is Darlins birthday so I will have to brave the driven snow again and come back into town....

and Sunday, weather providing, I am going on a whale watch with my little brother, who bought me a ticket and mum.

That will be interesting Im sure...never done that before for sure

I am sure I am rambling here so Im going to go and go to bed. If the puppy whinges tonight about his itchy arse I will just cut it off. Easy peasy.....but I think he is suitably exhausted after his big night out.


Lisa said...

puppy preschool is friggin hilarious- i am home schooling my two and as you know the reults are amazing- they are pretty well behave but awesomely cute xx

Jen said...


i have to work tomorrow!!!!!!!

only til 12 ish though

if you have any free time after that then please text me............ please..........???

luv me

Anchell said...

I am coming in for darlins birthday wont be doing anything of interest.

Jen said...


hope it all goes well

wish darlin a happy birthday from me.

Tania said...

Was good to finally meet you :)

feel like Indian for lunch oneday next week?