Monday, October 22, 2007

and so it is...


I feel better today

its only early though

There are 75 paintings in various stages of done-ness in the middle of my house

there is much less dirt than there was

It will be back it tells me

maryme is RUDE at scrabble and makes me laugh

it is Darlin's birthday tommorrow and he will be older than he is today

I have an appointment in the morning to find out the results of my tests at the quacks

I probably need to eat more spinach and get big muscles

well, one would hope

Today will see me have coffee with darlin and Nat

and then do whatever I please

which is nice because tommorrow I file for envelopes

2 months ago I told the universe that my mother would have 10 sales

and now she has....

funny that

have a good one people of mine


Lisa said...

I am only rude at scrabble with you- would be too embarressed to write those words with others who may still be under the illusion that i am nice.
Happy birthday to darlin.....i still think we could squeeze in a coffee between drs and mothers.......10 sales ? you are a powerful manifestor to be sure, while i am awhiner and whinger better than anyone i know xxxxxxx

rainbowspirit said...

no, i think i am better!!!

wish i could come for coffee!!!

LUCKY said...

Happy birfday to Mr.Cool....please let us know what you a maligning of.....hope it is only spinachitis!

rainbowspirit said...

happy birthday to youhoo Lazzy

luv jen

Lisa said...

happy birthday to Darlin !!!!
I am waiting to hear what it is that ails dear ankle- over exposure to scrabble me thinks, resulting in ginormous head to heavy to carry.

yes, thats it.

i am a whinging dr

Tesah said...

Happy birthday to Larry, and 75 paintings? V. impressive!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Larry!!

Rider-Waite said...

Well, how did you go at Drs?

Are you Ok?

Hmmmmm? Don't make me come over there.....

Cyndy said...

Happy Bidet to Mr Potter!

75 paintings??? Room renovations?? Hoeing at Back Passage??? Scrabbulous Exponent Extraordinaire??? Blogging??? Parenting??? Tired??? I wonder why???