Thursday, October 04, 2007


Today I am heading off to be a Hooker at backpassage

till 1

then I am heading off to be a HO at Slimygreenhills

tomorrow and Saturday I am HOing at slimepit too

this is why I have not seen anyone

my life is full of strange places and stranger occupations this minute

my ankles are swollen and my hives are just loving this hot weather

I am itchy and sore and my toenails have paint of the not polish variety stuck on them

someone threw an egg at my car

the night after i finally persuaded (with threats) my lovely son to clean it for me

he found this quite hysterical

as did i but in a differing manner

after i had scrubbed off baked egg yesterday afternoon

and then re scrubbed off baked egg

i was not impressed

but it was far to hot for me to go screaming down the street

not so for the man in the motel across the street

i think the heat must have curdled his good fun button

he was most loud and feral

and saved me the bother


today I am hoping that bushfires are still burning on backpassage road so i do not have to drive there

this is selfish i know

but somebody started them and they could at least be useful!

have a good one people


Rider-Waite said...

You sound hot and bothered. we have had nothing but rain. And more rain.

Have fun hookering and hoeing.....

Lisa said...

ho no- not you too?????????
can you post a picture so i can see what you look like now.......?
hives-ditto, hot weather-ditto, egg on car/cottage- ditto.
miss you feral fairy ho

Rider-Waite said...

God, those energy alerts are spot on! Sinus pain, back pain, left ovarian cyst... FREAKY!!!!!

Where the hell are you?