Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I signed me and my girls up at the gym the other day and this morning we went for our first workout......


major embarrassment

I am so unfit

but not for long......

I have new gym pants and they make me go faster

and I must eat fruit before going so I don't nearly pass out like I did this morning


whilst trying on said gym pants I couldn't help but notice that the entire thigh region of my good self is a wobbling mass of pitted cellulite

so not impressed

apparently the soup machine helps with cellulite too

I farkin well hope so

how did I let myself get so old and decrepit??

now I need some shoes that are not too big so I don't trip over my own feet whilst bouncing around on the wobble board..not that the board wobbles but I certainly do

grunt snoff sweat and faint

at least I got out of doing squats for a month due to bad back......

but only for a month

on the bright side

I did get up and go

on the dark side

today is my last smoking day




Rider-Waite said...

What you need is your own cheer squad to follow you around to encourage you to quit. And then you can randomly punch them out if you need relief.

Good on you for joining Gym. I am going to as well, only I have to drive 35 mins to get to it.

And you will quit smoking because I said so. And I am the boss. WORD

Hippy Witch said...

Im am in sympathy with you, I started at the Gym today to, and I won't scare you with what wobbles on me, but not for long, I have to many nice clothes to fit into. Im proud of you for giving up smoking.

Kristy-Lee said...

Good luck with the smoking thing. You will be fine. You are strong.

In other news.... your foot soup machine is amazing and I am toxic to be sure.

Thanks..... I think.

Lisa said...

yes, its kind of a strange thing- to thank for foot soup or not........
congrats on the big move into the land of the really living..send me a post card, i might decide to join you one day !

Mary Me said...

i love you shell mary me x

Cyndy said...

Go Arty, Go!
Go Arty, Go!
Go Arty, Go!

Go-o-o-o- Arty!

Hope that helps.

It wasn't a deliberate and conscious decision to become decrepit. You have been busy artying, ho-ing, mothering, drum-ming, toxic-making, etc, etc. It just happens.

Love from a decrepit one-who-knows-and-who-has-an-appointment-to-see-the-orthopedic-surgeon-next-week.

I will join the gym after that.

Jewell said...

well done on the gym...the more you go the more you will wnat to go and the less you will feel like go girl

looking for a tug said...

where the snoffing hel are u

rainbowspirit said...

hows giving up the cancer sticks going??? come on, information....


rainbowspirit said...

hows giving up the cancer sticks going??? come on, information....