Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Darlin' has had a nice day I think

I really don't know because I was at the arsehole of the world paying bills and making invoices and stuff for most of the day

He did get spoiled though

I went to the quacks

And my iron levels, which should be minimum of 21 are 10

so yes, that makes me tired and exhausted and stuff

and so too does the fact that I apparently have MILD emphasema, or however you spell it.


not good


but could be worse

I was starting to think I had a dispicable disease but this I can manage

Lucky Im giving up smoking next week heh....


sigh again

So, I am on an iron supplement for a month

and quitting the 's' word

and if I dont feel like a new woman by the end of a month

I go to a specialist to have more diagnostic test things and see if things degenerate

or something like that

Interesting yes?



poo bum farkety fark fark


So, I am going to join the gym with my baby girls this week too

and am being detoxified by Black Crows magick machine on Friday

and going into Shelli's school tommorrow to sort out a couple of bullies for her

grrrrr x 33397

That should keep me busy

oh, and finishing paintings due to be hung at Sunnies on the 4th of November

I think we should all have dinner or something

a sort of opening

what say you???

I am releasing the need to smoke ciggies



Rider-Waite said...

pooo bum shit fark indeedy.

yes you are giving up the need to smoke and you will get better with iron supplements. because I said so.



rainbowspirit said...

hugs to you... mwa

Anonymous said...

Told you ......I will do some emotional freedom technique on you....it can only help....next time I see you!Lucky

Cyndy said...

You will manage this, 'Chell. Because You are....... ;0) <3

maryme x said...

i love you shell xx
all will be better than well xx

Lisa said...

i love you like i did in my last comment, only more. what time are you being hooked up to the suck machine on Friday....i am 12.30 for sure !

Anchell said...


Kathleen said...

A huge Universe wake up to be sure!

Take care of you 'Chell


Hippy Witch said...

I love you and if you need support in you quitting quest, I will be at your beck and call, I know what its like and I know that you will do it, You will be a new woman, you will feel so much better. Your darling shares his birthday with bullfrog - he is 14 years young.

Myst_72 said...

Oooh - wait til you haven't had a smoke for a few days...then go into school and sort out the bullies....I know how I'd be!

Don't forget vitamin C helps you absorb iron....


Jewell said...

thinking of you shell..you can do it...you have the will power...love to you

Kristy-Lee said...

Thinking of you. All sounds very hectic and stressy which cant help you to begin with.

I will come to your opening. Sounds excellent!

Lisa said...

i have deided to leave a random comment to distract you from your releasment process.

I am commenting on beetroot and driving around shap corners in the rain.

are you distracted ?
good ...........

Lisa said...

i am commenting on suck machines and choc with caramel inside

Lisa said...

..........and the teething issues of young trev and that weird assed plant growing out the back of the cottage........