Monday, October 15, 2007


I am sad today

and very tired due to playing scrabble all night

my son made me cry this morning

NOBODY makes me cry



I am playing scrabble again

and not getting off the computer for hours

and this is driving him nuts

sweet revenge is had


I am sick of having no energy and feeling 60%

going to the quacks on Friday to have a pap smear and try to find out why my period has decided to extend itself from 5 to 9 or 10 days long over the last 6 months or so


and your feelings on this are??

I am enjoying sitting on my butt whilst kicking others butts

stranger others

hee hee


rainbowspirit said...

naughty boys making mummy's cry...

are you ok now precious?

stay on the computer, that will shit him to no end.

Anchell said...

Im okay...just flat

Rider-Waite said...

Shit Kids. Shit periods. Shit feeling flat.

I have no idea why your period is being naughty. Maybe you are going out in sympathy with me. Hormones.

Have fun being poked. I hope that your Dr is not a fanny fiddling bitch who pokes you about and then tells you that you need Private Health Insurance if you want fixed up.

I also have PMS at the moment.

Stay Sane xxx

Lisa said...

what did he do to make you cry? I am sad too- my children pick on me and call me not nice things. pap schmear.i remember those...shudder

LUCKY said...

Iron levels.....anemia?
Sounds like it baby...

Rider-Waite said...

Is your brother single? does he like kids? Is he turned on by stretch marks and saggy boobs? does he buy presents?

He better watch out if he answers even ONE of those questions...

You hurt the tard AGAIN with your comment about nappies :( Nasty Pasty...