Sunday, October 07, 2007

sunday evening with cheesecake and chocolate and paint

I am here


most strange

Ive had a lovely day today

just doing things I want to

shopping for canvas and paper for commission which is going ahead, yay

and food...boring

and shoes for feral boy feet

and socks too

and chocolate

I made a cheesecake that has yet to be tested

I am finishing the trims and doors in Kayla's room and will be starting Shelli's tommorrow

Poor girls have been waiting for 6 months for this so I will get it done over these holidays because I am a cool mom who does what she says


Today I had a funny experience, well, it wasn't funny, just interesting to note

I had to go back into the art shop and tell them they hadn't charged me for something....I got onto the car and realised they had not charged me for it and for about 10 seconds I was arguing with myself in my head about wether or not to go back in because I really did not want to, but I did.....and then the same thing happened in Coles 20 minutes later.

It was only strange because it made me realise that these are things I do automatically these days when once I would have considered it a bonus and that I deserved it and it was the shop girls problem not mine...if I hadnt of just stolen it in the first place of course!

These days I make choices, every second of every day, about how I want to live and be and I know the consequences of my actions, be what they may, come back to me, in whatever form I put them out there. Every choice I make, in every moment, defines who I am, to myself, if not to another.

Those shop girls would not have known that I didnt pay, but I would have. I am the one who has to live with me and I am the one who makes the choices that dfine how I feel about that.

Even the little stuff counts.

Especially the little stuff.


Onto something else now....

Am only working at backpassage this week...that will be good

Ive got heaps of things to do around here

Darlin' has been a very good boy lately

I have been spoilt with flowers and pressies and housework being done while Im at work and other such good stuff

Its nice...

very nice.

Now, how to get a back rub???

hee hee

Im off

Got doors to paint and scrabble to play!


LUCKY said...

Am waiting for a back rub too ...but a holiday in Melboune is a good substitute.
You are very nice and very honest.
You will make good staff with a very fancy new staff shirt!

Lisa said...

lovely to hear you so upbeat and yes, i agree wholeheartedly about the choices we make defining us. well done shell.......we are growing every moment...isnt it fun............?
love you heaps maryme xx

Jewell said...

yes i totally agree it's the little things that add up in the long run...

back rub..hmm could make out that all that painting has given you a sore shoulder?!