Friday, October 12, 2007

fark is not an attitude

Hello people

I will babble for a while

because you ask so nicely

I am stuffed

a big week again

hookering and painting and stuff

the girls are happy with their rooms

I am extremely pauperish now though

I took my mother out for dinner last night for her birthday

and went for coffee and banana bread ( i love typing banana, its smooth and you dont know when to stop)

Happy Birthday wiggle ho

My life seems to be made up of many many short episodes of busy all running into each other just lately, well, for quite a while now

I don't quite know how it happened and Im not quite sure I like it but it beats being bored I guess

I am wondering when I will have some me time though

Sometime in 2015 I spose


I wish you people would play your turns


I don't have much to say today

I have just had a sleep and am muzzy headed

It has been nice to not have to do anything today

even though I did have to take Kayla to Spotlight for curtains and go furniture hunting

Life is flowing along in a really fast way

I would like to get off now



Lisa said...

i love you shell x

Rider-Waite said...

I LOOOOOVE my Painting. As I have said on my blog comments page.

You need to stop being paranoid! You are exceptionally talented and clever.

Nice blogging. A gold star for you.

Rider-Waite said...

Attention Seeking is fine. BUT, I will have to take that Gold Star back until you redeem yourself. Those are the rules.