Monday, July 14, 2008

Major Excitement in backpassage....


Got to the office this morning half asleep and moaning

only to find someone had already opened up for me!!

at about 2 am apparently

through the window

which they have thoughtfully left behind for the cops to fingerprint


they left my new computer here too

and the crappy ones too

and $2.25 in the cash tin

lucky I had taken the real money home.....

so thoughtful


they could have shut the fridge dont you think

and picked up all the files they dropped on the floor


I am awake now!


Lisa said...

thank goddess they didnt take the computer !!!
imagine someone stealing scrabble !!!
probalby a pissed off tenant or a rejected lover, or a hungry dero or the Pope.......

Kristy said...

Probably the pope.... imagine the pope playing scrabble with your computer!!!

The nerve.

Helen said...

what the hell did they breakin for?

Anchell said... seems they did pinch a crappy radio from here and they also broke into the laundromat and stole a broom! Go figure....

kids undoubtadly and I think they must have been interrupted as they could have made much more of a mess with the files they started to pull out of the drawers....erk

Jen said...

OMG - maybe it was a rogue witch, flew away on the broom, listening to the radio for signs of a chase.....

do we know any rogue witches???

I know a dozen or so that are in exile...