Monday, July 21, 2008

Papal exhaustion

I am back!

Only a day late too

thats how long it took to get out of the gates of Randwick Racecourse.......

My god.....ess, I have never seen so many people in one place before

And all so well behaved

And even quiet...during the mass you could have heard a pin drop

and it was actually rather beautiful to sit in all that prayer energy...nearly blew the top of my head off

Did you know they smudge each other during mass??

Most interesting and the message was nice and I agree with Renata re the calling of the church 'she'...did my head in a bit too....why did they not progress to the next natural step....??? Like hellooooo...mother earth etc etc

It was interesting to see the ritual, not unlike any of our rituals really, and feel the energy and see the similarity rather than the differences...

There should be more of that in this world should there not...

I really dont get it but I am glad I was an EXPERIENCE.....

Popey was pretty cute really...

Much cuter than Bishop Pell who came across like a politician

And the music was sublime and majestic and very beautiful too

I took pics but no doubt you have all seen it on the box

Huge event and many bodies and no fights.....hmmmm

AND somebody else cooked me dinner two nights in a row



Hippy Witch said...

Im glad you enjoyed it, I would have loved it also, I wish I had of known that it would be on the box, I would have liked to see it. There ritual is very much like ours and it is nice to notice the similarities rather than the differences. A once in a life time experience, all that prayer energy would have been good for you.
And what better way to top it off than to have someone else cook for you.
Blessings to you

Lisa said...

it sounds beautiful and i can only imagine how the energy was- we are all green with papal envy xxx
glad you had a memorable time x

Lisa said...

......and yes, there should be more of it in the world x

Anonymous said...

I loved the singing by the tenor - he was gorgeous.
How did mum cope with the crowd?
Did your lovely daughter get to wash the Pope's undies?
What did they have for tea?
Did he watch "Sensing Murder" last night?
what did you eat all day?
So many questions......w.w.