Thursday, July 03, 2008


Its that time again

you know

of the month

bleeding to death time


something to look forward to for the next 10 or so days

oh yeah

some women say they look forward to this??

they must be the ones who actually DO bleed a couple of teaspoons full

pah i say

and frik too


and there are strange ugly men in my driveway

with machinery and stuff

holding up the house next door


and I am sick of being broke

and my baby is going to Germany

and the nuns stole another one offa me

and they all eat too much anyway



and bosh

that is all



Lisa said...

i am bleeding too if that helps !
bloddy german nuns stealing children from under ones nose!!!

bloddy money not being avaialble when one requires it !!!

bloody houses next doors that threaten to fall and die in your driveway !!!

bloody ugly men and machinery who are not bleeding to death !

The Tall Red Head said...

Yer, fuck em all.

I have had a bad week.

We need to meet. I should come up next week while I have free time from my kids.

Oh yeah...I haven't got any money cos of Frikken Centrelink...

Anyway. I will get there.

As will you. Keep strong and all that shit we say to each other when we are having bad days..