Friday, July 25, 2008

next bit

Mother is feeling a bit better today

as long as she doesnt do anything

or talk


I want what she got??

I didnt mean it universe...........

Darlin is coming today

Only one male soon to be gone child at home tonight

In another life that may have been a cause for excitement

but not in this one oh no

must go build a fire in the office bin to keep warm

am giving up on dry


They are building a giant mud puddle in my backyard

I hope its ready for swimming in by summer

that would be kinky yes??/

as it is it is really going to be a retaining wall with some more level ground attached to it. This will apparently stop me rolling down the hill when I put washing on the line....

what washing on the line???

Thats what clothes dryers are for yes?

However, it may be a good thing if I decide to find time to have a BBQ or something..

I am pondering what the F I will do all day if mum is not very sick and the business gets sold....

hmmm maybe SFA!!

That will be good for a few days and then what???????





Lisa said...

i love you shell- and you know what you will do all day- we have already discussed this.......

Anonymous said...

oh please let that be before Calendar Club starts and you can come and work for me again.....STOP!!!!!!!!I can hear you shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from here!!!!I will need new "STAFFS" what am I to do?????w.w.

Anchell said...

Have to be a travel allowance my dear or Id' be working for nothing...hmmm....sounds like my kinda job!