Friday, July 18, 2008


Did I say I was bored???/

Frikken frikkety frikkkkkk

I am stuuupppiid

I am overwhelmed with things to do due to going to see popey

Best laid plans are always going wrong

and people (ie children of mine) keep needing to be sorted out and some idiot (me) who promised to have a painting or two ready for this weekend for the cloisters down there and didnt start them till the other day and has to wash things and dry and iron them and the dog keeps getting out so darlin must come and dogsit and the gas ran out and it was COLD and everyone wants MONEY and I dont want to give it to them and tenants are crying and making me feel sorry for them and people wont buy any houses and IM SICK OF THEM.....

all of them

yes indeed

and the pope too

he better appreciate the fact that I shall be spending my only day off ever travelling to see him and wheelchairing my parent around and staying at rich aunties house and then coming home on the farkin train to open this shithole for monday morning...I better get a special papal dispensation for this I tell least a divorce or something....

and where is my mother??
At home washing her knickers and freaking out about having TO SEW UP THE HEM ON A PAIR OF TRACKY DAKS.....

am insane I tell you

and my sister is going to Hong Kong on Monday instead of coming here to help me....

smart girl that one but in line for a bashing soon for sure

so I hope that all made sense



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Hippy Witch said...

Blessings to you Chelle, Deep breathe, one day soon you will get your life back. I am thinking of you often, and sending you love, I know it doesn't feel like it, but it is there.