Monday, July 07, 2008

rhapsody of the farkin blues......


another monday

I am so bored with this same old same old

I dont have enough to do

Its driving me nuts


My life is groundhog frikken day

I know this will change and I should be grateful its quiet

but IM NOT!

no no no

I am pissed

and going insane slowly but surely

oh well

tomorrow I get to go to the hospital to arrange a date for a camera up my other bum to make sure I dont have bowel cancer

that will be nice wont it

then I am going to the hairdressers to get my shaggy kids hair chopped and my grey ones disguised hopefully

that will be ecstatically exciting too Im sure

and in a couple of weeks I am going to see the POPE

wont that be joyous!

14 000 000 000 people and me all nodding off to latin prayers or whatever it is the pope does

the things I do for my kids/mother I tell you

supreme sacrifice

and I'll probably get shot or something

but hey

its POPEY!

he is very famous you know

and I did want a word with him after all about child stealing


I wonder if Madonna will be the supporting act?

I think I will wear my pentagram

or I would if I had one

that will get me arrested Im sure



Faerie said...

Hey you could sneak a small visual art diary in your handbag and doodle your boredom away while at the office :-)

Anchell said...

Actually Kathleen I could probably sneak an easel in here but its not appropriate I guess. I could ...yet I dont...stoopid really. Maybe I will!

Lisa said...

poor bored baby with grey hair and nothing to do
i will lend you a pentagram and am wondering why you would be seeing his popeness in the first place
but please dont take this as me interfering with you becasue there are new laws to make sure pope-people dont get interferred with. Are you becoming catholic Maryme ?
do you need some books to read ?

Lisa said...

it just occured to me that haveing a camera shoved up your other bum may be seen as interferring with pope people and so you should probably not have that done.
Also, having the camera up the other bum would also make your hair curl so dont spend too much money at the hairy dressers.........hoochers catholic other bum hooker xx

Anchell said...

I dont have any pope people up my other bum maryme!


I am seeing popey because mother wanted to go with daughter and as i am pig in the middle i have been coerced as bodyguard cum wheelchair pusher etc


Helen said...

maybe you could doddle whilst camera is up other bum hole...hmm could be fun...maybe

Anchell said...

The reason I dont have any pope people up my other bum is that it is against their religion...and mine too of course but catholics are much more important or didnt you know that???

Unless you are a doctor, nurse, orderly, student doctor or nurse or even an innocent bystander, then it is acceptable, under the public health regime, to have as many people up your bum as can fit in there....

this is getting out of hand, my head hurts....

Jen said...


Faerie said...

When I was still a nursing student ... I was allowed to look in the "bum" camera ... it was really fascinating ...

(is it getting out of hand now?)