Wednesday, July 09, 2008


....about relationships and people and who we think our friends are and why we think so and what is important and what is not and knowing that, whatever the situation, actions speak louder than words.


Anonymous said...

Indeed very true, people can say what they like but "actions proveth the man..."w.w.

Lisa said...

I guess it helps to think about this in a way that 'everyone has a reason, season and time' - all friends are transisitonal Ankle - some move with you and others dont but you keep moving and thats the important thing.

I dont actually beleive in the 'actions speak louder than words' theory. If anything, i would say 'connection rules out the need for actions or words' becasue we all know people in our life that we have very little or no day to day contact with and yet we would rush to them the minute they needed us, should the need arise.

people grow into and out of relationships, thats life, but real soul connection doesnt change and can be reignited instantly.

as always , in all things, it comes down to expectation- what we expect of the other- becasue it is often our own expectations that lead us to disappointment.

Just some thoughts, you sound in a pensive sort of mood.

My golden rule of friendship ?
Always be prepared to ask yourself, 'what else could this mean?'

Lisa xx

Helen said...

with oyu on that one big peolpe cant seem to get their actions to match their words

Anchell said...


Lisa said...

which brings us back to expectation- do we enter friendships with a set of qualifying rules or do we become friends knowing that 'this is it, for ever and whatever'.
If so, at what point do we judge someone to be a bad friend, non friend or non-practising friend. Doesnt friendship and the love and connection it contains surpass the need to be constantly saying, doing and showing?
This is a scary concept to me- "PROVE yourself to be my friend constantly or you are not"..... that is scary stuff. terrifying. How can I or we or us constantly prove to others that we are a friend? Should we have to? Doesnt this nullify trust which is the foundation of friendship ?

Back to actions speaking louder than words- does that make every soul who drags themselves off to church each week a christian, does wearing a pentacle make you a witch, does giving birth make you a mother etc, does barking make you a dog........etc..........

just my thoughts and as you know Maryme, I have a lot on this subject.

Dont expect, just accept.
i love you , is that enough ?
Maryme xx

Anchell said...

It is if you show up for farkin coffee every now and again...or not....xxxxxxxx

Lisa said...

OH MY GOD ! is that what this is about ??????????? becasue of yesterday afternoon?- i was free in the morning and you werent and you were free in the afternoon and i i the friend you hate?.......I am going to smack you good and proper when i see you tomorrow !
Bosh !

Anchell said...

Ahh so your coming then? I will expect nothing!

Seriously, no, its just been an interesting time lately and I was thinking about who is here for mum and me and who is not. Im not feeling very high on anyones priority list and am sulking because of it.

And other such stuff...