Saturday, July 12, 2008


Apparently those of us who attend the popey mass next week will be automatically forgiven all our sins!!

How exciting!!

and here was me thinking I had to do all that for myself

so silly

It just takes a MAN.....

should have known better


I am cold and coldsore ridden and have swollen glands in my neck

I will see if popey can do a quick miracle healing whilst I am being forgiven



Cyndy said...

That's not fair! What about all those other pope-pleasers and Jesus-kneelers who can't get there?????

I wonder what GOD thinks of all this........

BTW; S.Boy loves World Youth Day already: evidently he spent last evening in the company of some lovely young English lasses who have come over to be dribbled at by his popeliness.....

Myst_72 said...

Yes, apparently if you just rock up to church every sunday it's the same deal - you can be the biggest **** in the world every other day....*AHEM*....

Now if popey does that - would that not be reiki or something - aka witchcraft according to some god squaddy types....they really need to make up their minds I reckon!!

Hope you feel better soon,