Monday, July 28, 2008


Took mum to quack to have her head cut off today but they couldnt do it due to it being situated on top of an artery.....

you think I'm joking??

I am not

Well, maybe it was a growth ON her head but still.......

Anyway, her blood test results were back

Guess what

the tumour marker levels have gone....


shit a brick!

from 16 down to 10.6

in a month

hmmmm...maybe we are doing something right


Tahni seems to think that this means that the tumour is not producing protein which means it is possible that it hasn't re seeded its ugly self somewhere else and its entirely possible that cancer cells have been murdered and this is all good, yes!

Also, liver and kidney functions are normal and she is a touch aenemic so iron tablets are called for.

But its all good one would think....

wouldn't one?


Lisa said...


Myst_72 said...

Very good!


Cyndy said...

One would. And so would some other one.

Would is Good!

Anonymous said...

Wow....this is truely a if she could stop smoking and eat really really well she would be leaping tall buildings in a single bound!!!
This is great Michelle what a wonderful job you are doing..w.w

Faerie said...

Yes, grateful for small miracles in the moment! xxxx