Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And now Im here...


What a couple of days!

...and its not over yet.

I am still 3 reviews....


MY ESSAY IS DONE, FINISHED, OVER WITH AND KAPUT. I am a goodest mary for sure now.....

The exhibition was a success.....my darlin' was star and did sell lots of beautiful stuff.

Mary's Rednose and Deb did come to see and were very professional exhibition goers too....much sangria and little bits of nibblies were had and ooh's and aaah's were very satisfactory indeed.....they can come again for sure.

Did see lots and lots of people we know there who weren't expected and didn't see some who were.


Now some mary's know where I live when I am not at home or shopping or at the cottage-ing.

Some people's are bastard baby stealers and I am not happy with them but no more of that now.

Darlin' is sagging now that he can.......been a long week for that Indian.

Will post pics later after son from mars has had his turn which I am stealing in case I fall asleep at table whilst penning reviews for pregnant teacher who cannot be abused because of condition.......plurgh

Watch this space!


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

yes, sangria & ceramics and nibblies and oohs and ahh's life is good- am very professional frocked & snadled up mary of the exhibit. well done dear MR Potter- you manage to put your own special something into all you create.........