Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to not suck at faces - for mary jen

  • Keep lips tucked behind teeth at all times

  • Stand at least one metre away from faces

  • When unable to avoid going near a face, turn head sharply to the left, preferably as far back as possible without actually dislocating neck

  • Feed all faces that live with you 50 cloves of garlic per day

  • Duct tape across face works well in times of great stress or low resistance

  • Paint all faces with wart kill before venturing close, a favourite of mine!

  • If all else fails, have lips surgically removed

  • If you have a 'lapse' don't beat yourself up...apologise to suckee and move on, its all for the best really


rainbowspirit said...

rotfl!!!!!!! Thanks 'chell, will take your advice....

Cyndy said...

After I had finished laughing, 'Chell, I had to ask myself; "What is going on at your house?..... hahahahaah ;)

Kathleen said...

That "sucks" ... lol : )

Anchell said...

The question is...what isnt going on at my house....its all happening

rainbowspirit said...

for gods sake, can you post something else - am sick of seeing the suck face thing!!!!!

Romy said...

Ewwww....looks like one of my customers.