Wednesday, November 29, 2006

note to self...

  • do not ever try to do xmas budget at 6.30am again......set up for not good day for sure

  • do not ever have more than 1 child in any other lifetime where xmas is celebrated for sure

  • do not ask son to do anything that requires effort and does not have an advantage for his own self
  • do not yell loudly at said pig son unless you wish to be relegated to crazy old lady status

  • do not rely on people to put money in bank when they say they will

  • do not think ANYTHING will cost $5

  • do not give in to 14 year old when it whines to stay home from school, EVER

  • do not feel sorry for scheming conniving 13 year olds for any reason what so ever as it will always cost you big bucks

  • do not let brilliant daughters go to Catholic Scientist Virgin College where they will be converted and made celebate nuns for sure and will never give you any grandchildren, not that you want any of course!

  • do not trust marys who say they will come for coffee

  • do not make 400 laybys before knowing where money to pay for them will manifest from

  • do not be a grumpy old bitch ALL day long

  • do not ever yell at darlins on the morning of assessments because they will yell back for sure even if you did break your back typing on stoopid computer for 100 years last night for them and now they have work to hand in

  • do not think that just because it makes perfect sense to you that it will to anyone else

  • do not think that I am not grateful, I AM, I am simply getting this out of the way first before getting to bloody gratitude okay!

  • do not forget to take Goji for 3 days in row anymore

  • Phew......


Kristy-Lee said...

You are a funny Mary Grumps today.


Raihn said...

mary ankle has the pips ! was that a non coffee attending swipe at me? i am innocent- hopefully upduff has heeded the warning about one child per life time......
funny big haired angry grumpy Mary......x

rainbowspirit said...

mary contrary....

Cyndy said...

You are so my sister, Arty Farty Mary!!!! I love you..;)))