Saturday, November 04, 2006


  • oh my goodness its today.......
  • I went to lay down at 6.30 pm last night and read for a while
  • It is now 5.45 am and i have been up for an hour
  • I must have been a wee bit tired methinks
  • deary me


I did have a good day on friday. Lovely fun lunch with excellent mary raihn friend who makes me laugh and think and eat bleeding cows and drink skim milk and water.......much good.

Excellent sculpture class getting filthy dirty and covered in plaster and lots of blood from sticking wires accidentally into various fingers. Droopy angel type thing coming along quite well.

Girl type teenagers gone from house to father type place and alien boys and darlin's and self ate pizza what someone else cooked......

Not good betterment but thats ok

Had little snooze that lasted all night....excellent for sure

Have blogged before 6am and left scary comments for upduff regarding hosey type nipple things.....mighty good

Have an essay to write, well research at least and some drum bags and beaters to make today, not too strenuous......I can handle it

On my desk there is a computer, some speakers, a mouse and its pad and a cup of room for anything else Im kitchen table is another story entirely and I wont go there in case of RSI.

It has been a good week and I have got much done and I may even be ready in time for assessment in 3 weeks......a miracle for sure.

Must go and drink more coffee and watch sunrise over the housetops just because I can!



Kristy-Lee said...

Dear Mary A,

Not excellent blogging to poor UpDuff Mary. Terribly negative talk regarding hose like nipples.

However, UpDuff Betterment will begin in due course and within that plan, there is plently of room for absorbant nipple pillows Im sure.


Anchell said...

Hosey nipples can be much fun!!
Just not in public and a little unfortunate when spraying up noses of baby ruby's......

Anchell said...

Cushions from lounge are most effective!

Elizabeth said...

yes.......personally i never has one leaky nipple episode- milk stayed put which was nice.
bladder on the other hand........
yes, great- enjoyed lunch & loved the pic of the laz man-its hime for sure, we should hang it at the cottage so we can revere it on a daily basis..........

rainbowspirit said...

poor upduff - you are scaring her....
good to hear you are awake now!!
luv jen