Tuesday, November 07, 2006

short but sweet

  • It has been the longest day in history and its still not over...plurgh
  • hope the energies hurry up and move along...please
  • my big girl is home...yay
  • she is too pale with giant dark circles and needs many days sleep and some beach!
  • maryBOSS is pale with giant panda circles too
  • I am a washed out dish rag and am bleeding to death!
  • grumble mumble
  • School tomorrow, no essay to hand in
  • photoshop documents now done, such as they are
  • can't even think I am so flat................
  • ate too much
  • drank too much coffee
  • need water now
  • mary has gone into hiding
  • if I knew where she was I would join her
  • can't type anymore
  • tomorrow is another day
  • thank goodness


rainbowspirit said...

oh precious - i wish i could come over and give you a big hug!!!!

luv u

Romy said...

Panda eyes just needs some...what was that again?...oh yeah...sleep!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am here Mary, better tonight than today- it does pass- glad little panda is home & can sleep and beach as required- all will be well at tech, miss you, will have to lunch friday to make up for your no show tomorrow night-bring your panda to lunch........

Cyndy said...

I plurgh with you ... ;)

Kathleen said...

Sending love and light : )