Wednesday, November 01, 2006

full frontal....

.....lobotomy required...

  • did spend ALL day at school and ALL lunch time sprinting around town and queuing at rego orifice where rego things did finally happen as supposed to many days ago and at new coleswatusedtobebilo purchasing food for fish and teabags for darlin' who had run out and was crying very loudly this morning at ungodly hour when woken from deep sleep...gasp

  • have to hurry before I go to sleep sitting up...

  • did do luverly portrait of darlin' who was snagged by teacher and dragged into classroom to sit for morons what cant draw for s##t (me) that doesn't look like him much but is a quite nice unfinished drawing as you can maybe see.....I will have to scruff it up a bit and do wild eyebrows and hairy chin bits and it might improve

  • did avoid punching out loud obnoxious smartass classmate narrowly with great skills of avoidance....its bloody RUDE to set yourself up 2 feet behind someone because they got the spot you want to draw from and THEN step all over their paper that costs $3.50 a sheet....ggggrrrrrrrr

  • did find some dings and scratches on marynotabus that were not evident in heavy rainfall yesterday....ggggrrrr

  • did only have 2 coffees in whole of day at school, better than 4 or 5 I think AND did have yummy fresh juicy type thing for lunch instead of crap....yay

  • did go to Eckersleys to buy one piece of $3.50 paper and did buy 7 pieces and 2 conte chalks and a white charcoal pencil all for $25...........hmmmmmm

  • did miss Rose Cottage sanity keeping night much

  • did write and print out ready for handing in tomorrow 3 reviews instead of required 2........I am a good mary

  • did hate it very much but do it anyway

  • ummmmm, didn't clean the toilet

  • or the bath AND I shaved my legs....ha ha ha ha

  • big baby girl has FINISHED her honours year, all done, and cam come home next week for a whole week, yay

  • have now blogged, major responsibilty attended to

  • didn't hit children

  • didn't hit teacher

  • or darlin'

  • I am good, very goodest indeedy oh

  • and knackered too


Kathleen said...

Awesome Picture! I really love "un-finished" pictures - very Leonardo

Rylah said...

Unreal! I recognised who it was straight away, before reading, that's got to count for something right?

Anchell said...

Indubitably my dear rylah, indubitably

Anchell said...

How do you spell that???

Cyndy said...

I knew it was HIM straight away, and I've only seen the odd photo; it doesn't hurt that you're better than you know.......;)