Thursday, November 09, 2006

Plastic surgery with a conte crayon

Excellent guess work from all of the marys!

I am much more impressed with you lot than my drawing.

I have discovered that I can remove wrinkles and pluck eyebrowswith a putty rubber!

Most excellent indeed.....

And sagging jowls, pfft, all gone.

I just can't figure out how to stop me from looking slightly indigenous.

Actually, I like that and wish it was really me!

But no googly eyes....hmmmm

Anyway, my kids think its scary!

Another productive day was had.....too bloody good again

One small glitch when I realised to my great disgust and despair that I had left my printing stencils at home......aaaarrrgggghhh

Was saved from untimely art career demise by my darlin' who leapt away, albeit a little reluctantly but a bit of two year old type stomping by me soon fixed that right up, from his kiln firing and drove me home at great fast and furious speeds, only taking out one little old lady and two great danes, to get my stuff!!

The day was saved, the prints were done and turned out mighty fine.....yay

Portfolio presentation is well on its way with great visionary statement written by me......


Luncheon with maryotherme tomorrow and then sculpture to finish off droopy angel type thing.....very fine plan

What a week!

So far, so good.....

Only one more to go before breath can be drawn....

Some tips on how to obtain a CSV......

  • they don't have to be catholic although it helps if ones mother was baptised into said creed
  • they will soon be catholic if you send em there, however, with no spiritual training or preference, this is the MISSION of some loverly nun type beings who aren't actually nuns
  • and are very good at what they do, whatever it is, spread love or some such thing, plurgh
  • oh dear
  • do not send your child to CSV training unless you want a nun type personage living with you at some stage
  • they may grow out of this
  • or not
  • hmmmmmmm

Query: Is it usual for cats to pee on everything after they have been desexed?

Is it illegal to stomp on said cats?



Cyndy said...

I need a putty rubber!!!!!!
2 great danes...Poor Marywendy!!!!
You are nearly there, Arty go girl!!!!
The peeing should settle down; we took poor litle Mosi on a road trip the afternoon of his neutering, and he was so drugged and stressed that he peed and pooed the car.....Beloved was NOT happy....and now continues to do this... before this occassion, he was a very happy he needs to be drugged to facilitate transport!!!!

Elizabeth said...

i like the indigionous look. Joshuas guitar tutor and english tutor are both former nuns who swear. we call them the funny nunnys...too cute........yes, lunch, will be there with big hair and tiny eyes- oh forgot, thats the two fo us morphed into one- you should draw that mary ankle

Anchell said...

I havnt got time!!!!!!!
The only eyebrow work being done around here is with a rubber and I wonder what happens when you a re a nun and then former...are you de-nunciated?

Anchell said...