Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Had mum booked on the 7pm plane...

...unfortunatly she woke up in agonising pain this morning and stayed that way all day till about 2 hours ago.

no pain killers would work and she ended up hallucinating from them in between vomiting from the pain in her back.

Finally she took an anti inflammatory and it farkin worked!

We are thinking that she did something to aggeravate her back last night by lifting too heavy things and this was the result!

The thigs that ran through my head today were not pleasant.

Hopefully the pain will not be back tomorrow.

Hopefully she did injure her back lifting...

Hopefully ....

Oh god, what is this going to be like?

B17 arrived yesterday, got to get her on enzymes for a week then start taking it. If it only helps with the pain I will be GRATEFUL if today was anything to go by.

I hate cancer

It sucks!

But the hallucinations were funny....I was flashing a little tiny tv at her and then I grew a moustache!



Cyndy said...

There is a great pain team that can help. If you can get on top of this, then life will be more manageable.
Hopefully, as you say, it is only as a result of lifting.

Our teenagers will never have to worry about it......


Faerie said...

farking cancer, farking sucks ... farking sitting by and not being able to do anything ... fark it!

Love You,

Jewell said...

love to you xxx

Lisa said...

its so hard watching sometone suffer
i am sending you love
but you know that dont you
Maryme xx

Myst_72 said...

Oh gee 'Chelle...

Maybe the anti-inflammatory working was a good sign, that it was an aggravated back from lifting..

Hope so,