Wednesday, May 28, 2008

extra bit

Just to let you know that mum woke up wobbly and stiff ( bit like some boys I know) this morning but pain free....

so I chucked her on the plane to Byron and thats where she is

What a life I tell you...never a dull moment

Excepy maybe the office...with 1400 bills to pay before month end and playing scrabble instead!


excepy is a word now!


Lisa said...

this is excepty good news
you are a good girk and this is a great pist

The Tall Red Head said...

God, how did you survive the waiting game? And how the hell did you cope when the news was bad? I don't want to have to cope if it is.

I want to pretend that it is not happening, I have a whole new outlook on your grief Chell. I feel sick.

Bee said...

byron bay cool shit,sorry cant cme to lunch please do not have to much fun without me,yea go on,xxxxxx