Wednesday, May 14, 2008

chest pain and leaky me

Did you know that sometimes your chest gets really tight

so tight you cant frikken breathe

and you think you have pnuemonia or lung cancer or something horrible

and ex husbands make you mad

so you sit at your table and leak tears everywhere for a while

and presto!

chest pain is gone

stoopid person who forgets she has something to cry about


Lisa said...

thats the 'joan' in you im afraid- i will beat her to a pulp tonight

Anonymous said...

hang in there shell, will have a curry and think of you - you would love Langkawi its just a very big Hat Head ( or wherever it is that you go camping ).W.W.

Cyndy said...

Yes my dearest Arty Farty, you do have something to cry about.

Have you picked up your arty utensils lately? I think that it might be time. I think something truly amazing will come out.

Love to you ;0)

Faerie said...

Screaming is good too!